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In this year 2020, after decades of depopulation, economic greed and abandonment of the entire lagoon,

we declare the death of Venice.


Venice is no longer a place, it is a no-place.

A no-place at the mercy of usurers, speculators, businessmen and avaricious petty bourgeois now on the point of a physical and spiritual death.


The lagoon, which surrounds this no-city, this no-amusement park, this set of bricks emptied of all meanings, is an environment abandoned to itself. The human being, who has shaped this huge rich and multifaceted pond, leaves it, like a lazy lover who no longer remembers his last erection.


Venice is the extreme apex of a melting glacier, the most fragile tip about to collapse.

Every breath taken in this place has the smell of the emptiness of this time, without prospects, prone to a dark future that enslaves the individual.


For these reasons,

here, in a no-here,

we, a no-us,

we decide on the following.



1. The first responsible for the death of Venice are to be found in the Venetians themselves. Humiliated people with no more glory, who sought refreshment in flight or in money, selling off their souls in the hope of enjoying a last erection, which turned out to be a humiliating farce rather than a grand finale.


2. The administrators and their fake political opponents, of all levels, who have sold every single brick of this city, will be remembered with infamy by history. No sculptor will erect a celebratory statue for them, no writer will exalt the non-existent skills of these and no craftsman will dedicate a memorable work to individuals who have sold their souls for a long time.


3. The culprit of this murder is not to be found in any virus, in any unmanageable and unexpected external cause. Indeed, every external factor that accelerates this death is to be considered similar to a blessing, to a revelation, like a storm on a straw dwelling, when you had all the possibilities to build a solid house of brick and concrete.


4. Venice, a city that once belonged to shopkeepers, artists, carpenters, mercenaries, weavers, traders, navigators, fighters and artisans of all kinds, who created and developed this place, today is the small metropolis of junk, of an economy that does not exists, of a dismembered sociality.


5. Venice is nothing more than a small town, made up of many small towns. A place on a human scale. This is his nature, this is what must be respected, this was killed.


6. The lagoon that welcomes and defends the city has been dishonorably abandoned, sold off and forgotten, except for a few figures who still possess dignity. There will be memory of the latter. Already today they are an example for those few who still dream of dignity for Venice.


7. The human and natural ecosystem, which has lived in equilibrium for centuries, has been polluted. In order to obtain immediate profit, man is not cowardly disinterested, thus decapitating the future of every child.


8. Anger and frustration, triggered by a visceral passion, for the search for a meaning of this city, are the driving force behind this manifesto. In a world that expels the useless, Venice can be a fertile land for these useless willing.


9. This is a crazy time. Reason why we call together all those who are still alive, to give life to this madness. Like a broken fleet of pirates, we attack Venice, occupy its spaces, we live this last blow of the decline of the millenary Republic. We live an experience that can only be lived in this chaotic time.


10. This is not meant to be a call to collectivity. It does not want to be a plural proposal from which to create a new group, a new collective, yet another grouping of approved people. No. It is meant to be a call, an inspiration, to the individual, to the individual. A vital, spiritual impulse of action, indissolubly linked only and solely to the individual himself. What is to come, posterity will know, who will be able to take pride in these tenacious and stubborn individuals.




Venice is dead.

Let's occupy it and dance: not to dance on the rubble, but to enjoy this beauty, give a purpose to this city and give a purpose to this life of ours, until death. We are Venice, who sell off our talent, our humanity and our soul every day, letting ourselves go to a comfortable solitude.

So we say: let's live! We live Venice!

Let's live the death of Venice with dignity and without fear!


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