This exhibition could be postponed - Exhibition in Ghetto Novo

About the topic: If art is really essential, exhibit it! We are very happy to receive and publish this event received by Adolfina de Stefani, curator of the small but lovely Visioni Altre Gallery in Campo del Ghetto Novo!

This exhibition could be postponed 

The title of MisterCaos’s new personal exhibition show ironically challenges the uncertainty of this period in which culture, art and poetry struggle to find moments to meet their audience. After being postponed three times already, the exhibition will be held (perhaps) from 6 to 28 February 2021 at the gallery Visioni Altre in Campo del Ghetto Novo 2918 in Venice.


A street poet and artist active for several years in Italy and abroad, MisterCaos has as its stylistic signature to go outside the box. Also on this occasion, he breaks and reassembles the boundaries of the codified artistic languages, deconstructs the practices of "writing", "street poetry", "site specific" and at the same time he lives them all playing to the extreme of their expressive possibilities.


The whole is an original provocation to thought, an invitation to dialogue between the artwork and the public, but also between the artwork, the expressive medium and the context, as well as a reflection on the meaning of the artistic gesture itself, from the creative act to the mode of fruition.

In the stratification of the poetic gesture, there is first a deliberate, systematic overcoming of the imposed limit (whether it is a physical, architectural, social or communicative barrier) and then the construction of a new inverted boundary, that does not close to meaning but opens new ways of meaning, the margin between readability and secrecy, the immediacy of understanding and elusiveness of the content.

The result is a poetic material that is rooted in places and at the same time disseminates (or even dematerializes) to become universally accessible and speak to a global audience. In the exhibition the gesture of overflowing is a take space to return it to the sphere of meaning, both physically and metaphorically. A occupy that is at the same time a care of the places, gestures and relationships.




of MisterCaos

6 - 28 February 2021

Official Opening: Saturday 6th February at 4 p.m.


opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11 a.m.- 6 p.m.