An answer to "Venice, morte ou vive"

In this day 14th January 2021, the website "Occhio di luce" published an article about Venice, with also an interview on our project. We want to say that Not all the answers we have provided have been reported in the article.


We accept the author's personal freedom. At the same time we would like to declare that the image that emerges from the article, regarding "Dead Venice", is not what we believe belongs to us.


We believe that Venice is full of positive energies, but that these energies do not become a system. This for us means killing a place.

A city based on a tourist mono-economy, often run by speculators and organized crime, cannot be defined as a living city.

We disclose on our social networks the positive initiatives of those who live in Venice on a daily basis, at the same time we carry out research and dissemination on various problems also relying on research already carried out in the past, but reproposing them and spreading them further. We carry out small weekly projects on the city, we actively move when the administration acts in a wrong way in our opinion. The work is manifold. Which this big work, initiatives to which we have been compared such as "Venezia Viva" (which we consider pure empty propaganda) don't do, limiting themselves only to waving a flag and smiling. In the meantime, one out of five businesses is in danger of closing down and some opaque international economic realities (organized crime?) are buying up part of the empty spaces in this city. 
The decline of Venice today is not the same as it was in the 19th century.
We agree that are the politics that need to change, but if the politics don't change, only people can do something. We try and we want to tell to everyone: try!


We believe in Venice, we are not necrophiles, for this reason we praise its death, waiting for it to resurrect.

Venezia Morta